Environmental Statement:

Carrier Mausoleums Construction USA, Inc. (“CMC”) takes many steps to reduce environmental waste both in the office and on project sites.

Bidding projects used to involve making numerous paper copies of plans and specifications and delivering those copies to subcontractors and suppliers for their review.  CMC utilizes an online planroom and asks our associates to review the plans and specifications online, either emailing or faxing their quotes back to us.  The paper saved in this process is tremendous.  Not to mention the drive-time or mail-time it used to take to deliver the plans to our subcontractors and suppliers.

Members of the office staff at CMC recycle paper to the extent that most every piece of paper in the office has printing on both sides.  This includes any incoming junk mail that is only printed on one side of the paper.  Half sheets and smaller sheets are used for note paper.  Anything else is placed for recycling.

On the jobsite, CMC utilizes re-usable forms to construct all crypts.  Some of the forms have been part of our equipment since we 1984.  We clean them after each use so they are ready for our next project.  Periodically, our crew will take some time to weld any breaks in any steel forms so they will last many years into the future.

There is still quite a bit of lumber required when forming buildings, but the crew at CMC also cleans off each piece and continues to cut down the larger pieces into usable smaller items required in forming.  Plywood is used again and again.  Even split 2×4’s end up being cut into shims.

There is always a step that can be taken to reduce our carbon footprint and construction is notoriously dirty; however, CMC is trying to minimize the amount of waste created in the office and on the job.